The Heart of a Hacker

This article originally appeared in issue 29:1 of 2600 Magazine’s The Hacker Perspective column.

The Jargon File provides several widely accepted definitions for the term hacker, the one of which I find most suitable is “one who enjoys the intellectual challenge of creatively overcoming or circumventing limitations.”1Countless others define hackerdom in terms of personality types, temperaments, tendencies and habits generally associated with computer enthusiasts. These definitions serve us well on a superficial level; however, I seek to define hackerdom in terms of something much more broad and encompassing. I aim to reveal something I don’t believe anyone has before: the heart of a hacker. Maybe we haven’t done this because we find comfort behind veils of secrecy and anonymity; today, I’ll do what hackers do best: fly in the face of established norms.

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