Speed up and customize OnTheCity.org

What is The City?

Our church recently purchased an instance of The City from ACS Technologies, a networking and management tool that makes doing things as the body of Christ easier, more organized, and more fun. It’s a great app, under constant development, with generally very good features and speed.

Slow Internet kills

We, however, are chained to an Internet connection completely unsuitable for such dependence on the cloud. The best Internet connection available to our building flies over long-distance wireless, which makes for a fairly narrow and leaky pipe. Comcast will talk to us, but it may be a while before we’re in 20mbit business-class goodness.

Consequently, Sunday mornings are a nightmare. Our children’s check-in system is run via The City, and combined with the usual spike in Sunday traffic, things can get very slow. Like, unresponsive, completely broken, pull-my-hair-out slow. I employ some reasonable QoS settings in our gateway’s firmware, but something told me I could do better.

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